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We believe all human beings are capable of achieving greatness. We have designed an array of Jack Canfield seminars to help people at every level elevate themselves.

What to Expect From Our Seminars.

14 Entrepreneurial Success

Defined by action and innovation, and accomplishing milestones and goals we get you started with the tools necessary and the mindset needed to achieve the entrepreneurial success you desire.

14 Corporate Success

Leadership is one of the 6 stakeholders of a corporation. We can put you on the path of Enlightened Leadership to help you lead the “can do” attitude of your corporation.

14 Score keeping For Success

We have all heard “It Takes A Village” Discover a simple method of engaging your employees, your family, even yourself in a positive plan for success.

14 Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and Motivation are mostly confused as being the same. Learn the difference and be able to activate the appropriate on command when needed.

14 Time Mgmt. & Getting Things Done

Certified to teach Pomodoro Time Management techniques, we can help you maximize your time spent efficiently managing the tasks that will propel you to success.

14 Transform Yourself For Success

There are two types of people – anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere. Learn to free yourself from the shackles of anchors.

14 Possibility As An Art

Develop a framework for transforming the way you define yourself, your connections to others and the environment you live and work in. Overcome limiting assumptions about what is possible.

14 Success DNA

Successful people have certain characteristics, perform consistent actions and have rituals they maintain daily. Learn how to make these your DNA for unlimited success.


Jack Canfield Seminar

Our cornerstone Jack Canfield seminar, Success Principles Seminar, will help kick start you into understanding and unlocking your full potential

Mastery University

For personal development intermediates, the challenge of Mastery University awaits

Business Mastery

Business seminars provide owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to strengthen their strategies. By attending Jack Canfield events like Business Mastery, you can learn the cutting-edge tools and tactics to excel in any economy

Leadership Mastery

Managers, executives and community leaders can learn to develop the ultimate skills for creating lasting change, with our boot-camp style Leadership Mastery program

The Process

Our success transformation process is designed to optimize your current personal assets.

Life Plan

Each day we have the opportunity to make our day a success. What is success? Are you successful today? If not, when will you be and how will you know if you are? This tool will help you to create a plan, that if followed, will enable you to live a life that is both on purpose and successful.

Career / Business Vision

Every company needs a well conceived Vision. Your Vision will reflect your Core Convictions. It will provide guidance about what Core Convictions to preserve and what future to work towards, even to your successors.

Career / Business Plan

Business Plans are the battle plans of a leader that help the leader prioritize the activities and events that will ultimately lead to a successful year in business.

Process #4

Process Description 4


Who do you work with?

We work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Career Seekers, and anyone who wants to feel happy and fulfilled in their lives.

Do You Offer Coaching Programs?

Yes, we offer tailored Coaching Programs both long and short term. We first begin with a consultation. If we see compatibility we can then tailor a training program specifically to your needs.

Do You Offer Other Types of Training Modalities?

Yes, in addition to Live Seminars, we offer Success Retreats, Live Coaching, Online Coaching and Audio/Digital Programs.

Work with Lee & Leslie Sullivan in person, or online as they meet with students from all over the world to master a proven system for success. With their personal guidance you’ll discover your life purpose, prioritize your goals, and discover the steps to achieving anything you want. It’s about getting clear on what you really want and creating an action plan and the support system you’ll need to make it happen.

People who participate in their events go through truly profound experiences and transformations.

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