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DreamsculptingTM  is then used to create the life of your dreams.

Ever wonder how the incredibly unbelievable rides and exhibits at Disney are conceived?

There is a process developed by Disney that allows for the unfettered expression of fantastic ideas and the process to bring the possible outcome into reality. An example of this is the Disney Mission to Mars, where you experience G forces while being sling shot around the Moon on a real feeling mission to Mars. We are certified in the DreamsculptingTM process by Bennett Stellar University. This is a process influenced by the Disney process to promote the unfettered expression of “possible” individual lives, relationships, and business ideas. Then the process brings the ultimate possibility of these conceived fantastic ideas into a game plan that will bring about magical transformations of individual, relationship and business dreams, into reality.

This is the only program of its nature using this tool set in this well chosen sequence to transform lives and businesses on a subconscious and conscious level. If after the first day of any of our retreats or the first hour of our Seminars, an immediate request for a refund of the actual seminar or retreat fee will be honored.

Benefits of DreamSculpting™ (Lucid Dreaming)

14  Access Your Subconscious

Think of your mind as being a computer with billions of files. Every piece of data about yourself is contained in 95% of those files however, those files are password protected. That 95% of data is what we call your subconscious.Lucid dreaming unlocks those files and gives you access to the data.

14  Interpret Your Dreams

Because Lucid Dreaming gives you the password to your subconscious mind it allows you to actively seek to understand before your conscious mind has an opportunity to interrupt and confuse you. You get a frontrow seat to those dreams experiencing them in real time.

14  Conquer Your Fears

Your waking life is filled with fears and Lucid Dreaming allows you to conquer them. It allows you to process those fears right in the moment your mind attempts to sort them out. many people find relief from their anxiety and depression after a lucid dreaming experience.

14  Stop Nightmares

If you were having a really bad nightmare and are able to Lucid Dream during that experience, you would know tht all of it was in your mind and none of it was real.

14  Have Fun

Many people study Lucid Dreaming to live out their wildest fantasies, from flying to having sex with their “dream partner’. Lucid Dreaming isn’t about just scary stuff; it can be a lot of fun.

14  Practice For Real Life

When you learn to control your dream atmosphere you can then practice and rehearse for anything. Lucid Dreaming allows you to play out any scenario and let you subconscious work out the best approach.

14  Solve a Problem

Your brain can work out amazing things while it’s sleeping,however, if you’re not there to witness it, you may forget it ever happened.There are many examples of amazing discoveries and breakthroughs that have happened during Lucid Dreaming.

Fulfilling Your Destiny


First, we need to identify where and how you are currently investing the moments of your life to figure out which parts of your plan are actually effective and which parts are not.

Strategic Planning

Once we have identified your current strategy, we will begin to do some strategic planning and create ways to update and maximize your overall performance.

Maximizing Your Performance

Once we have a plan in place, we focus 100% on getting you to maximize every minute of your day to ensure you are getting the most out of yourself and experiencing all that life has to offer!

Measure & Fine Tune

As you find yourself taking massive action each day, we will set up systems to ensure we are tracking your progress and holding you accountable to perform at your absolute best. Any strategies or systems keeping you from being at your best, we will immediately update and/or replace it.

The Process

Our success transformation process is designed to optimize your current personal assets.

Life Plan

Each day we have the opportunity to make our day a success. What is success? Are you successful today? If not, when will you be and how will you know if you are? This tool will help you to create a plan, that if followed, will enable you to live a life that is both on purpose and successful.

Career / Business Vision

Every company needs a well conceived Vision. Your Vision will reflect your Core Convictions. It will provide guidance about what Core Convictions to preserve and what future to work towards, even to your successors.

Career / Business Plan

Business Plans are the battle plans of a leader that help the leader prioritize the activities and events that will ultimately lead to a successful year in business.

Process #4

Process Description 4


Who is DreamSculpting™ for and what will it do for me?

DreamSculpting™ is a complete A-to-Z course for taking students, both amateur, and experienced lucid dreamers, to the land of highly evolved lucid dreams. It contains practices from both Eastern and Western schools of thought that are designed to unlock your dream consciousness systematically. When you have this alternate consciousness unlocked, you’ll be able to work on your shadows, develop new skills, ignite your creative potential and even engage in your wildest fantasies… all during the time you normally spend doing nothing — sleep.

Ultimately, this course uses the Lucid Dreaming vehicle to leads you past the limitations of your mind and into your higher, all-knowing self.

What does the DreamSculpting™course look like?

The DreamSculpting™ program takes a double-barreled approach to Lucid Dreaming by incorporating the wisdom of both the ancient Eastern principles of Dream Yoga and a large body of modern scientific studies on Lucid Dreaming.

You’ll learn all kinds of practices for increasing awareness, developing mindfulness, maintaining sleep hygiene and strengthening your energy body as well as tips and tricks for prolonging your lucidity and supporting dream recall. All of these practices are strung together into a beautiful framework by Andrew in Dream Sculpting to make sure your path to consistent, fearless lucid dreaming is the shortest ever.

The course provides you with the best possible structure to succeed in Lucid Dreaming.

Here’s what that means: at the end of your six weeks with us, you will no longer be confined to the limits of your waking reality. You’ll have a second reality that’s as solid as your waking reality but one that’s easily malleable to your wildest imagination.

Will I be able to Lucid Dream? Can anyone do it?

The world of Lucid Dreaming is no longer a developing field of study. It’s a matured area. Hence we’re at a point in history where we have the Science of Lucid Dreaming broken down into very simple equations so that anyone, no matter how skeptic or amateur, can be confident of being Lucid in their dreams with relatively little effort.

We will hold your hand throughout your journey into the lucid dreaming world with simple, step-by-step instructions. So you can rest assured that you will experience the marvels of Lucid Dreaming when you complete this course.

Is Lucid Dreaming safe?

Lucid Dreaming is perfectly alright if you follow the expert guidelines of someone who’s been doing it for a while. And approach the Lucid Dreaming world with love. Once you get past initial resistance, Lucid Dreaming will become your second nature, and you’ll wake up every day happy, energetic and enthusiastic about your life.

Every night, you’ll explore new possibilities with zero risks, and travel the universe having fun… which results in increased confidence and happiness in the real world. There is no risk.

Why should I study Lucid Dreaming?

That’s like asking why anyone should meditate. Lucid Dreaming helps you get in touch with that part of you that was always under the radar but had a huge impact on everything you did in life thus far — your subconscious. By working to control your subconscious in the dream state, you’re taming the same subconscious mind that’s at play in your waking world. Hence the practice of Lucid Dreaming will have a tremendous positive impact on your life. You’ll gain a renewed sense of confidence and belief in yourself as you progress in the world of Lucid Dreaming.

And who doesn’t want that?

People who merely contemplate starting the practice of Lucid Dreaming, always end up asking themselves why they haven’t started sooner when they finally experience the magic of Lucidity in their dreams. So whether you buy the course or not, we recommend you invest a substantial amount of time and energy in Lucid Dreaming.

How long does it take to see results?

Our students generally see results very early on in the program. The methods we teach have worked for hundreds of students and they will work for you too. All you have to do is diligently make use of the tools and techniques that we prescribe in this course. In as little as a week or two, you will experience some lucidity in your dreams. Or maybe not, it really depends on the intention you set. However, do note that the experience of Lucid Dreaming can be very intense for some, and it’s different for everyone. So trying to rush through the process might not be a great idea.

But overall, we’re confident to say that you will see some results in 30 days or less. You’ll experience more awareness during the day, you’ll see you recall your dreams more often, and you’ll have your first signs that you’re lucid in your dreams.
If you’re skeptical, try this program anyway because you have 30 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. With a program of this Caliber, it’s hard for you to NOT see results.

So contact us today.

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