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My Success Unleashed Today represents a revolutionary process of human transformation using ancient wisdom, modern technology, and transformational tools to aid our clients in discovering and removing their subconscious blocks, decide what it is they really want in life, and “Dreamsculpt”TM their future.


Why Us?

With Certificates of achievement in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Jack Canfield Methodology, and Life Coaching, and having been trained in energy medicine, Lee and Leslie Sullivan have developed a system that takes those with the desire and courage to change their current circumstances and literally live the lives of their dreams starting with the first SuccessUnleashed.Today Seminar.

Why We Are Different

These seminars are experiential phenomena that help you through exercises that provide clarity of your life’s purpose and uncover your true desire and reveal your passion. Most participants who have gone through gone through this process are surprised to find a different result than they thought they would have before engaging in the process. With the knowledge of your true passion, we use visualization so that participants can actually start identifying and categorizing the details of their dream future and begin the process of bringing these new realities (first creation of the mind) into existence, (second creation – result). Our secret weapon is the passion to facilitate phenomenal change in our clients. We are motivated highly qualified, and truly prepared to be effective change agents in your life. One or both of the Sullivan’s have spoken in or arranged seminars in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Sedona, Wisconsin, Nevis WI, and Boquette Panama.

The Process And Methods

NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) is and used to uncover the subconscious directions that are in conflict with the direction you want to go. Without this intervention at our retreat, the 40K conscious conflict with the 40,000,000k unconscious that has been automatically programmed by an event you may not remember or a pattern of behavior you wish to change using the almost powerless conscious mind, you are almost powerless to go the direction that you consciously want to go.

Hypnotherapeutic techniques are then used to begin to directly further impact the subconscious mind to “install” the well formed outcome.

DreamsculptingTM  is used to create the life of your dreams. Ever wonder how the incredibly unbelievable rides and exhibits at Disney are conceived? Find out more here.


I think his biggest contribution is his ability to inspire the individual, which quite honestly is indeed the fabric of what makes an organization. For each individual within the organization, he is able to focus a large bit of his expertise in developing that individual in ultimately taking responsibility for his 20 square feet which gets spread out to the team as a whole. So I highly recommend you have an opportunity to spend time with Lee, he is just absolutely incredible.

Frank Brinkley, N.C,

When Lee presented it was amazing. The Experiential examples that he brought to the stage were so engaging and so interesting that not only did you get a takeaway from his speech, but it was as if you were living his experiences with him. I highly recommend that you go and attend one of his workshops or seminars because you will not regret it


Lee is an incredible speaker, incredible at engaging the individuals, engaging others to be the best that they can possibly be. He is phenomenal at investing in individuals to be better leaders to create cultures within organizations for people to act and behave in a way that maximizes the results that you are trying to achieve in your organization from an individual level.

Frank Brinkley, N.C,

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We believe all human beings are capable of achieving greatness. We have designed an array of Jack Canfield seminars to help people at every level elevate themselves.

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Our retreats are designed to be the ultimate in transformation for both individuals and couples.

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Our Life Coaching is a profession that is different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.


Pomodoro Time Management

The Pomodoro Technique is a non-complex methodology that can help you power through distractions.

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Organizations in which senior leaders ‘very frequently’ coach had 21% higher business results.

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We have varied audio and digital training programs to help you achieve the success you desire.

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